Postcode Lookup

Hi am trying to create a basic address form, is there any way to incorporatea post code/zipcode lookup into prototype

Hi cbaffour,

Can you describe the functionality of the post code/zip code lookup you’re looking to create? For example, were you looking to include a text field that only accepts numbers and is at max five characters in length? If so, please check out this attached .rp file.

SimpleZipCodeTextField.rp (129.2 KB)

Or were you, instead, looking to do something more complex where a zip code would automatically populate based on information entered in other areas of the form?

Hi Justin,
Yes, I’m looking to auto populate address fields when a valid postcode (UK) is entered.

I have done similar thing but for countries

See here:

The challenge is how many post code(s) do you want test with because it many be near impossible unless you have plugin that connect to a data source.