Predictive field doesn't show up

Thank for help first. I trying to follow this video:

And make a predictive search field, but it show like this…

filter didn’t show up…

this is my screenshot:

any stupid thing I done?

台北車站.rp (90.3 KB)

Hi there!

I’ve taken a look at your file and at the video followed while making this predictive field. It looks like there may be two issues occurring here! One is that your repeater column is named “Value0”, so the filter expression should be changed from “value” to “Value0”. It also looks like there may be an errant character at the end of the filtering expression. This could have been caused by copying and pasting the expression from another source, such as the video. The last “]” bracket should be replaced with a new “]” bracket. The following expression should work correctly for your repeater:

[[(Item.Value0.toLowerCase()).indexOf(LVAR1.toLowerCase()) >= 0]]

I hope this helps!

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