Predictive Search Bar (with links to different pages)

Good evening.

I am currently working on an e-commerce-website.
I have integrated a predictive search bar in my prototype. What I want now, is that once an item is selected (e.g. a certain product) and the search bar is filled with this item, a click on the search-button (or a click on the item once it appears in the predictive search) shall trigger a link to this specific product-site. Is this somehow possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can get it to change pages onClick from the dropdown (using Reference Pages) but for some reason I can’t access that selected repeater item from an outside button. Well… I can, but for whatever reason it doesn’t acknowledge the Reference Page anymore.

Hmmm. Will the names of the selected items in the search bar exactly match the names of the pages that they lead to? If so, you could set up an interaction where clicking your search button sets a global variable to the text on your search bar (e.g. “Page_1”), and then uses the “Open Link to external url or file” option to open a link to that page by using the variable (e.g. [[OnLoadVariable]].html).

As an example, if you have a page called “Page_1” and the text in the search field is also “Page_1”, then you can store that text in a global variable (e.g. OnLoadVariable) and then open a link to [[OnLoadVariable]].html, which would take you to Page_1.html.

Does that get close to what you’re looking for? The caveat with this method though is that it doesn’t look like it will accept spaces in the page name/global variable text when opening the link.

Thanks for your help. The reference page-option helped me to link the items to a certain site. I may also try to use the OnLoadVariable-option, even though the fact that you can’t name them by using the space-button could be a problem. But it is also great advice!

Thank you!