Predictive search to all repeater and only by column

I created a predictive field with one repeater which contains columns like: Name, Category.
I also have second repeater which contains one column and three rows with names of my categories.

What I want to do is:

  1. create a predictive search to all my items from all categories: I did this
  2. create a predictive search where I can filter it by column ‘Category’.

I created a global variable, which load variable when i choose a category, I tried to do filtering in the search field with this variable but none of the filters work and searching still all items.

I found the topic, where the solution is to create repeaters to every category but in true project I have almost 100 items and 8 categories in one repeater and I need to to this in one :slight_smile:

It’s my file what I have now:

predictive.rp (49.1 KB)

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