Predictive Text Nearly finished


I have predictive text fully working so you can type, Eduction, Retail, Manufacturing, Accounting into the search and it populates underneath. Also, when you hover over the prediction it hightlights and when you click on the prediction is changes the text field to that search predication.

The only issue I have is, how can I tell Axure to NOT give a drop down predictive search area when a word is not recognised?

As I want to be able to select the word from prediction, or manually type in a word that isn’t in prediction.

Unfortunately I cannot share my work as it’s Government NDA but help would be appreciated.


You’re using a repeater, but I’m guessing there’s something aside from the repeater that you need to display in this dropdown; otherwise the dropdown would disappear on its own.

But basically you want to hide dropdown when the repeater when displays no rows, correct? Do this:

Put the repeater in a Fit-to-Content dynamic panel, and add the following code to the panel:

  If (value) [[This.height]]j is equal to 0
    Hide (repeater dropdown)