Prevent scroll when drag and dropping

Hi. I have an issue with drag and drop. I use the DRAGGED interaction with a ‘move this with drag’ action. However when I drag it also scrolls down on the page (with the default touch-drag scrolling thingy). I want to disable that scroll when dragging (or some other fix that prevents this madness). How can I do this??

Here you can see my issue by dragging the user icon:

Yes, I hit this same issue as well. The best workaround I found was to not use the “mobile preview” by clearing the page dimensions in the STYLE pane.

It’s not an issue if all the content in your prototype fits “on the screen” so I suppose if you wrap all the content in each page in a dynamic panel and set that DPs size to match your screen dimensions and “scroll as needed” then dragging shouldn’t trigger a “drag to scroll” event…

OK, this turns out to be true… as long as your draggable widget is outside (in front of) the outer DP. I created a little mockup to demonstrate this:
drag with no scroll.rp (66.9 KB)

Thanks for the help. This fixes the issue but creates another since now the dragable elements stays in place when scrolling. Your first workaround does the job (But annoying you cant have a fixed dimensions, but I can live with that for now).