Preventing queuing of events and weird cursor issue

Hello, I’m experiencing a couple of issues that I didn’t know if there are solutions for in the Axure file I have. I have a prototype that’s a simpel gray screen space with a helper widget that reacts as you mouse over it:

  • The cursor when you’re moving around my prototype changes from the circle to arrow at random spots.
  • The helper widget queues up events if you rapidly move on/off the widget with your cursor.

Are there ways to fix the cursor and queuing issue?

I attached the file: story_helper3.rp (57.0 KB)


The good news is the cursor changes are not random, and can be removed if you don’t set the page dimensions (or set them to “Auto”.) --although the cursor will still change as it hovers over any interactive widget or widget with text, unless you’ve set some custom cursor with CSS. See Page 3 of the updated file below for an example.

The bad news is there may not be anything you can do about it if you want to use the “mobile player” which is new in RP9–which does not seem to be described at all in the Axure documentation. So, you have page dimensions set to 2560 x 1440 px, which triggers the “mobile player” in the browser. I noticed the cursor changes from the default arrow to the “big circle” (aka, “touch blob”) near the top left–but not exactly top left–and at consistent location to the right and bottom. To test this further, I set up a little text widget to follow the cursor around and report the cursor location. See Page 2 of the file below. This shows that the “big circle” cursor only shows between (33, 33) and (1025, 1887). So it seems the mobile player–or at least the mobile player cursor–either has a bug or an undocumented maximum dimensions of 1025x1887. Seems worth following up with Axure support on this.

mobile preview limits.rp (98.8 KB)