Preview being blocked by Kaspersky v11

For some reason Preview is being blocked by Kaspersky v11. When you disable Kaspersky, it works fine, but when Kaspersky is activate, Preview display’s nothing.

We have tried WhiteListing everything do with Axure, in Kaspersky, we have also WhiteListed, on the FireWall rules. But it hasn’t made any difference.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Hmm, generally ensuring that the localhost at isn’t being blocked should do the trick to allow preview to work for Axure RP, but if having the antivirus enabled still messes with preview then it may be blocking some of our other files. To confirm, is Kaspersky set to allow javascript, CSS, HTML, and image files to be loaded? This should help to ensure that everything that the prototype needs to launch correctly is allowed to run and load. If you’ve already checked that and still run into issues, then please try generating a HAR file from the failed preview and send it over to so that we can take a closer look at what specifically seems to be failing to load in your preview.

In the meantime, does generating the local HTML (“Publish > Generate HTML Files”) or viewing the project on Axure Cloud work normally, or is the issue specific to preview?