Preview centres the content, which is not what I intended


When I generate a preview (or share a prototype), the elements on the page move according to the screensize of my browser - they don’t stay fixed in one place (even if I select ‘Lock location and size’ for all elements).

How it should be according to my axure designs - I made the browser window narrower to demonstrate

How it renders in the preview in Firefox, when the browser window is wider

Is there a setting I have mixed that keeps the elements in the right place regardless of the screen size?


Changing your page alignment to left-aligned will clear this up. With the canvas selected, go to the “Style” tab. In the “Page Align” section, switch to the left-aligned icon.

If you wish to change the behavior for your whole file, you can update the Default page style to use left alignment.

Thank you @Rachel, that worked.