Preview in Axure Cloud?

I can not preview any of my previous Axure files in Axure Cloud - they were created in Axure 9 Beta. Is there a trick to this? Do you have to have a special license? This is confusing…


BTW, I have added Axure cloud URL as acceptable for cookies and it still does not work. Any suggestions Axure? Thanks!

Hi Tisha!

Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing these difficulties when previewing your projects with Axure Cloud! Are these issues still occurring, or are you able to preview your projects now? Thank you!

Yes, I can not preview or inspect any projects at all in the new axure cloud. I am also unable to generate projects as well, each time we try to generate our main file - it hangs indefinitely. This is causing massive issues at my company as the file we generate is a Design System that development needs to build the product - now is not accessible at all and we need help with.

The issue might be regarding the Axure Version being used. I am able to generate files ok, but i have installed Axure 9 (trial basis). My coworker can no longer generate Axure files using Axure 9 Beta (a recent version)
Neither of us are able to preview or inspect any of our projects in Axure Cloud - however we have not purchased the Axure 9 license yet. We are licensed for version 8.

Hi Tisha!

Thanks so much for letting me know about this! To further investigate these issues, could you please send an email to our support team at Please include the RP file for the project where you’re experiencing the indefinite hang when generating, so that we can take a closer look at this project’s behavior.