Preview with Chrome as browser launches Chrome, but doesn't open prototype



This just started happening to me. If I choose Chrome as my preview browser and hit the preview button, It launches Chrome to its default home page; it does not launch the prototype.

Safari works fine when designated as the preview browser.

Anyone else having this issue?

Axure 3366, MacOS 10.13.1, Mid 2015 Macbook Pro 15"


Hey - same here! It started just today!

MacOS 10.13.2 but otherwise same spec as you.

I got it to work again by closing everything down and rebooting, Weird.


Hi guys! It sounds like you’re both seeing that the preview for your prototypes doesn’t launch in Chrome. It looks like if you’re on MacOS 10.13, then there’s a Chrome bug that causes apps to fail to launch their content in Chrome. This particular issue doesn’t seem to be specific to Axure RP.

From our experience it looks like restarting the Chrome browser should do the trick and allow you to see previews again. Hopefully that helps! :slight_smile:


The same
Whenever I preview, It redirect me to Mozilla Firefox
I don’t want to make this my default


Hi Shivam53,

You can change the default browser that you use to Preview by navigating to “Publish > Preview Options” from the main menu of Axure RP and choosing the browser of your choice. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate this:

This will launch the Preview Options dialog letting you choose some options in launching your preview, such as the browser:

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