Problem getting user input on other page

Hi there,
I am a complete Axure noob and for reasons I need to build a prototype for a mobile app in a relatively short time, including a chabot. So far everything is working pretty well, only one thing is failing me. I want the user input that is requested on one page to appear later on another page. But not directly in the next step, but a bit later.

I have created a global variable (TextInputVar) and it is no problem at all to display the user input content in the text field on the same page. I can also take the content to another page without any problems, if I open page 2 in the course of the click action on page 1 and display the content immediately.

What does not work. I want to go to page 2 sometime later and then (without the direct transition) set the content that was set a few steps before on page 1. Ch think I need to store the content over several steps, but unfortunately I don’t know how exactly to do that.

I hope my explanation makes half sense, I am as new and lost in the formu as I am in Axure itself. If there is already a post on this, please excuse me.

Once you set a global variable it stays there until you change it. It doesn’t matter how many pages later you want to use it.

ok, perfect. That confirms my initial idea and I know it must work somehow. can figure it out now! thank you so much