Problem tabbing, totalling, and setting text on input fields in REPEATER {EDITED: shows file screenshots so RP 9 users can help}




I have a form that shows relevant input fields to the User based on which Tier they choose on the first screen.

I’ve used a repeater for the form. Data for Tier 1 is already in the repeater’s dataset. The first and last rows of the repeater apply to both Tiers 1 and 2 so they’re always visible, but the data may change.

I have a few issues that I can’t figure out…

1) I can’t tab between input fields in my repeater.
I’ve tried looking for help on this specific thing but can’t find anything that works.

2) User inputs revert on LostFocus.
When I enter something into a field, click into the next one, enter something in that field, and then click into a different field, the other fields revert back to their original state. I need what the User inputs to stay in the fields so I can use them to dynamically total the entries.

I tried following @mbc66’s advice here, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

3) I think there may be a flaw in my Totalling Dynamic Panel.
Because I have filters for my repeater, I’m wondering if how I’ve set up the Total to work is correct. If the User chooses Tier 1, the data for the Tier 1 fields is already populated in the Dataset and, therefore, the input fields. If the User chooses Tier 2, I’ll need different data to display when the page is loaded. (Again, the first and last rows of the repeater apply to both Tiers 1 and 2 so they’re always visible, but the data may change.)

What’s the best way to go about dynamically totalling this information?

Here’s the link to a demo of the problem:

The file: Repeater-help-1.rp (86.0 KB)

Since no one has responded, I’m guessing most people don’t yet have RP 10 so here are screenshots of what I’ve done so you can try to recreate the problem (for those willing to, anyway).

Set Tier page:

Tier 2 Button set-up

Tier 1 Button set-up

Main page:

General set-up

Page loaded (overview)

Page loaded (“Tier 1 only” details)

Page loaded (“Tiers 2 & 3” details)

Repeater data

Iinput field set-up (overview)

Input field set-up (detail)

Global variables