Problem while adding details in new row of the repeater table

Hello there,
i have a project where i have to go through following steps:-

  1. click on add new product
  2. Fill all the details in Add new Product page
    3 a. if clicked on cancel it will display table
    b. if clicked on save, a new row shall be added with the filled details in the table
    But now the problem i am facing is step 3 b. whole table is getting updated. I have attached rp file.I dont know where the problem is. adding_details_in_new_row.rp (232.0 KB)
    Can somebody please help me to resolve this problem.
    Thanking You in advance!

Hi @rupa.karuvingal,

What you are doing is, you are setting text entered in your form to the repeater columns. Hence, all rows are updated with the same data.

What you need to do is add details to the columns of the row you are adding. Refer screenshot below.

Here’s updated RP file. Have a look.
adding_details_in_new_row_updated.rp (229.9 KB)


Thank you so much. It really helped me alot.