Problem with axure 9 and setting height of an element based on height of another widget

I’m having some trouble with something that appears to be an issue introduced in axure 9. i had a file in axure 8 that i migrated into 9, ever since then the following has been happening:
i have an element that needs to increase its height on click based on the height of its content. there’s an interaction on the element that states ON CLICK set height of element to [[lvar1.height + lvar2.height]]. lvar1 is defined as the element being clicked, lvar2 is a hidden dynamic content panel. (there are multiple elements like this with different content, each of variable height which can change heights based on the breakpoint currently displayed).

axure 9 does not seem to “know” the height of the hidden content, so it doesnt resize the background element i need to be large enough to show the content to the full size it needs to be. to be clear, this was not an issue with axure 8 and had been working perfectly before we upgraded to axure 9.

what is going on?

Hi mmezoCart,

Thanks for posting! Can you please check whether the widgets inside the hidden dynamic panel are also set to hidden? If the widgets inside the hidden dynamic panel are also hidden, and the dynamic panel’s “Fit to Content” setting is enabled, the dynamic panel will re-size based on the visible contents within the dynamic panel, which would reduce the size of the dynamic panel to a default size of 10 px by 10 px.

If this is the case, I would recommend disabling the “Hidden” option for the contents of the dynamic panel, and only enabling the “Hidden” option for the dynamic panel widget itself.

If this doesn’t help, please send along your .rp file to and we’ll be happy to take a closer look!


that isnt the issue, it appears to be an issue with the functionality when in certain (most) adaptive views. i’ve sent a sample file and some screenshot examples.