Problem with the sticky header to hide and show while using dynamic panel

Hi, I have a problem with the sticky header to hide and show while using a dynamic panel with more than one state.
in state1 it works fine, but in state2 and state3 it doesn’t hide/show.
Can anyone help?

help.rp (109.1 KB)

Hi Jolo,

I’ve taken a look at your project and hopefully have a solution of you. The reason that the header wasn’t showing/hiding when the “Main” dynamic panel was in it’s second and third state, is due to the “Window Scrolled” page interactions only targeting the first “Dynamic Panel Header” instance in “State 1”. Essentially you have three dynamic panels representing the header (one in each state) and although they are called the same name, they are in fact separate instances of a dynamic panel. When you target a widget in an interaction, it only targets that instance of a widget and if you want it to target multiple widget, they also need to be added as targets.

In the returned file, I added the “Dynamic Panel Header” panels, from “State 2 and 3”, as targets for both the “WINDOW SCROLLED DOWN” and “WINDOW SCROLLED UP” page interactions, which seems to produce the desired behaviour, from my perspective.

Depending on your use case, a typical approach would be to just have one instance of a header type dynamic panel, that would reside outside of your main content (rather than one for each panel state) thus mitigating the need to target multiple panels. That would completely depend on your requirements and may not be applicable in your case though.

I hope that helps but do let me know if you have any questions!

help_solution.rp (109.5 KB)

Thanks! It worked in my project.

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