Problem with updating row

I want to update value in cell od repeater and cant figer out, why it doesnt work
It is on event ItemLoaded


Looks like you aren’t permitted to perform an update to a row inside of the ItemLoaded event. Note that ItemLoaded runs for every row when the repeater first loads; but it also runs for every row when any of its rows are updated.

If this did work, however, your code would change any row containing a 0 in the textValue column to 999 as soon as the repeater loads and any time the repeater is updated. So you never would see a 0 value of any kind in the repeater for that column. (Again, this is a hypothetical situation since Axure doesn’t permit such an update.)

If this is what you want, you could perform an update rows command using the rule [[Item.textValue == 0]] in the repeater’s Loaded event or anywhere other than the ItemLoaded event.

Is it your intention to never display 0 in the repeater, or are you trying to achieve something else?

Hi, thanks for replay, it is logical. I missed this. I changed it to mark the row and update outside of the cycle.
Zero is there only for mark “blank” row, which I need to move on various positions in repeater.

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