Problem with WindowScrollUp & Down interaction

Hi there! I have issue to make window scroll up & scroll down interaction.
I built scroll down interaction smoothly (On scroll down, screens are changing one after another, moving down).
But scroll up doesn’t work. When I scroll my mouse up nothing happens but when I scroll down, both interactions are fighting each other.
I used WindowScrollUp & Down on pages.
Is here any technical restriction to use both in one file on one page?

Thanks, Natalia!

HI Natalia,

There shouldn’t be any technical restrictions to use both on the same page, so it’s most likely an issue with conflicting interactions. Could you post your .rp file here so that I could see what the problem may be?

Hi Jane!

Thanks a lot for reply!
Yes, I found the issue. Issue is my command to scroll screen to 0;0 after each scroll up & down action.
As on scroll up and down I want just to change page but keep view at 0;0.

So I gave up scroll up)

Thanks a lot for kind reply.

Best Wishes,