Problems with Paragraphs!

I cannot get my paragraph widget to style and show up correctly, HALP!

I have looked through the Paragraph’s style manager and tried different widgets (box, two other paragraph widgets (?!)) and cannot figure out how to get my text to wrap and stay inside the box! It will look correct in my file but on preview, it will stay as one line of text that needs to be side-ways scrolled through. I can send screenshots if it will help but open to ideas!

Thank you!

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If you can, you should probably share your .rp file. What you’re describing is very strange. So long as you set a specific width for a paragraph/box widget, it should just automatically wrap.

Is the text being changed at all after the prototype is launched? Meaning, is the text in the preview different than the text used in the editor (i.e., set with repeater values, text from an input field, global variable, etc.)?