Project Pages (formerly "Sitemap Pages") hidden / collapsed

Since updating to Axure 9, it seems that axshare prototypes do not display the page list on the left side of the browser like they used to - it is always collapsed.

There is a setting in Publish > Preview Options under “Player” “With Pages open” :


But this seems to have no effect on the published prototype.



This was answered by support via email.

If you would like to share a version of a published project where the project’s full page structure is visible by default, you can use the prototype player’s configurations to save and share a version of the project link where this Pages pane is visible.

Aspects such as pane visibility and scaling behavior were handled through the HTML generator in Axure RP 8, but these aspects are handled through the prototype player for Axure RP 9 projects. Opening the Pages pane in your published project will update the URL, adding a “g=1” string to the end of the URL, for example. Sharing this modified URL will ensure that the link opens with the Pages pane visible.

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