Prototype not working on other people's machines

I zipped up my prototype and emailed it to 2 of my colleagues for them to check it out.

The contents of the zip look like this:


However they both are not able to make the prototype run correctly on their Windows computers. They downloaded the Axure Chrome plug-in, however when they open the start.html file locally it looks like this:

The prototype works just fine on my MacBook Pro computer, so we’re having trouble troubleshooting this issue.

Does this bug look familiar to anyone?

Hi there… I’ve notice this issue some weeks ago, turns out that besides downloading the plugin, you will need to change it’s configuration>
Go to Chrome Settings, Extensions and locate the Axure Plugin. Click on “More” (the button label may be slightly different).
You have to make sure that the option “Allow acesso to files URL” is ON.

Hope it works for you

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Thanks Fernando, unfortunately that did not solve the bug. :frowning:

Kicking this thread again. I’m seeing this same issue for prototypes that colleagues have sent me. The same “blank white box with XX in upper left corner” occurs in Chrome, MSIE, Edge, Firefox browsers. (I’m using the latest version of Chrome with Axure extention properly installed and configured–my own prototypes work fine.)

This happens when opening the start.html or index.html files. If any of the individual pages are loaded, they are either completely blank or look correct but have no interaction.

I found the problem/solution for my org. It appears that our IT scans our emails and breaks any javascript that is emailed. When we shared the files through our file sharing service (e.g. our equivalent of Dropbox) then they were able to share the prototype with no problems.


This is just what happened to me… I was emailed a ZIP file and that HTML was broken. When same ZIP file was uploaded to network and then I downloaded and unzipped, everything works. Our corporate emails are definitely scanned… Thanks for this solution!