Prototype to have Email Link out


Have made external links to URL’s and that was a little tricky - but managed it.
Now I just need my Prototype to link to an external Email. Tried to see if it was covered on this site - but could not see exactly what I needed.
Just a simple procedure to make hotspot link to email I have.

Thanks and hope you can help!


You can link to email account. but off course you would need to re-login to your email account.

Hello…I am asking how to do this and to make it.
Do you have a step-by-step guide to do this (as all other postings do here?) Also its not an email for me - its a Prototype email for client.

Thanks and hope I can get this clarified please.


If I understood you correctly, you just need to add onClick event -> Open Link - > Link to an External URL -> Input

This should open up the default email app from the system.sample.rp (56.3 KB)

Done. Sample file is attached.

That was it…I had everything in place BUT, did not add mailto:
into my email link. Thanks - just needed the correct walk through to do this little thing.

Thank you!


Perfect. You are welcome. :slight_smile: