Prototypes not sizing or spacing properly on different monitor sizes

I’m having issues with prototypes i create on my macbook not showing properly when i preview in the browser. this is even worse if i’m previewing them on a larger external monitor. basically elements on the canvas on my smaller laptop show spaced properly (logos in upper right corner, other elements centered in the screen, etc. but when i preview, most everything is pushed to the right as if there’s a huge left margin added (there isn’t). this is even worse when displayed on a larger (1320) monitors.

I’m aware of making some elements like logos a dynamic panel and pinning it to the upper left, but i can’t do that to everything, plus when i do that for logos they don’t scroll with the page.

But logos are just one small example. How can I set my canvas or my entire project so that elements expand/collapse to display properly regardless of the monitor size? Adaptive views didn’t seem to do the trick.