Proxima Nova font not available in Axure RP9

Is there a reason i can’t seem to change font to the “Proxima Nova” family?
Seen some 4 months old issues with that font rendering, but now this font doesn’t even show in the font list (and yes, its been installed and used in other apps)


Just last week I used Proxima Nova in a prototype that I built in Axure, but the screens were originally made in Sketch & I copied each artboard into Axure using the Axure plugin for Sketch. My Axure prototype looked really GOOD on my Mac, but unfortunately it looked absolutely terrible on my Client’s much older Windows laptop PC.

My Client did not have Proxima Nova installed on his machine & when we looked at the prototype on the Axure server from his laptop, all the Proxima Nova fonts were switched to serif fonts (Times New Roman? I think) & everything was completely misaligned. (Especially any text that used Proxima Nova Semibold.) In the end, I had to convert all the fonts to Arial just so they would look consistent between my Mac & his laptop.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Proxima Nova is strictly a Google font. It seems to have many different weights/styles (i.e. regular, thin, light, bold, soft, semibold, italic, medium, extrabold, condensed, black, etc.) but I think some weights are Adobe Fonts… and some weights are Google Fonts… and some are FontSpring Fonts… and as a whole family it just won’t play well with Axure, since the webfonts are not all coming from the same / single source.

I tried for quite awhile to embed the Proxima Nova font in my Axure prototype without much success before finally giving up & just changing the font to something basic that I knew my Client had on his machine. Sorry I couldn’t provide a solution for you. I hope you find the answer. I’d be curious to know what the solution is also. Cheers!

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