Publish and get link to open on another device


When you press publish-to-axure-cloud in order to copy the link to trial on another device, the link does not work on other devices - it only opens on the same device…its as if there is something missing from the link?? Tried from different devices and same issue

Can someone kindly let me know what I am likely not doing? Basically want to get the link to open to go and get feedback but it only works on my desktop or same desktop i am using which is no good on the streets and cafes ( and no good anyway cause i could just press preview on desktop…) to test :thinking:

Thanks guys


Hi Sophie2!

How does the link behave on other devices? Are you being asked to log into an Axure account? It’s possible that if your project currently has a private link, rather than a public link. When a project’s link is private, opening the link on devices that are not already logged into an Axure account with permission to view that project file will show a log in page before showing the project preview. You can check on the project’s link status by logging into your account on, and then checking the project’s Overview page. You can click the “Share Project” button to check whether the project’s public link is enabled.

I hope that helps! If you’re running into a different issue, please feel free to reach out to our support team by emailing Any additional descriptions or screenshots of what you’re seeing on your other devices when opening your project link would be very helpful. Thank you!

[SOLVED!] . It worked! All good now. Thanks Chelsea

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