Publishing html files

Is there a way to publish html files from a prototype without axure changing the names of the images and the references?

+1 for this feature request.

For now I think it’s called Sketch. Or InVision.

On a recent project where developers were demanding image filenames and ability to download from the prototype spec, and we couldn’t use other tools, I came up with a semi-automatic way to do this.

I had to manually name each image with its filename (cut & paste from list to the widget Name field). Each image widget has code for onMouseOver and onMouseOut to report itself with [[]]. Really, you only have to set this up once and make a special image widget in a library, or be sure to copy that one widget rather than drag in the standard widget or drag & drop images directly. Otherwise, you can copy & paste the onMouseOver and onMouseOut code for each new image.

First approach was to set the image text to its name, and style the text top-aligned with top margin more than the image height, and bold red with drop shadow so the text appears just below the image instead of on top of it. The onMouseOver code is set text on This to [[]] and onMouseOut is set text on This to ‘’ (nothing). An onLongClick linked to a server with open[[]]
—Or you could have multiple cases for onClick to show options and handle accordingly, like
“Open image link (default)”
“Get image filename”
“Get image location” (with [[This.x]] and [[This.y]]
“Download image”
“Close this menu”

Having the image set its own text has shortcomings for sure. Doesn’t look too nice when there are other items under or near it, or If filename is long. If your images have lots of different heights, you have to monkey with the text margins to get the text to position correctly.

Next approach was to have the image change the text in a dynamic panel to its own name, then show that dynamic panel as a pop up (or dp is located outside of your screen area (eg a mobile app screen.)) Unfortunately, this doesn’t copy well screen-to-screen, as the images will lose the pointer to the special text widget to update.

So… Third approach: image updates a global variable when onMouseOver which works the same on any page. Then each page can have a repeating dp which can update a text widget with OnLoadVariable every 500 ms. That can even be a master if you want. You could even add an “Inspect” button so the dp only starts auto-repeating on demand. This would create a kind of “developer mode” —I like that.

Good luck with this. Let me know if you would like some examples.