Publishing issues : browser is out of date but is most recent and empty Footnotes show footnotetag


I just upgraded in the company to RP Pro edition.

When publishing to HTML is always have the popup you’re browser is out of date message for chrome. use V64 do you want to update. The firms standard browser is Chrome and is always update to the latest version (currently Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit))
Except for the 1st page, no other page works.
As for edge it works (but not the default so communicate to all people use edge instead)

Second issue i have (linked to edge or not, cannot test it to chrome)
If i added a note to a widget, it shows a footnote number in published HTML files even if i Didn’t exported the text linked to that footnote. Worked fine in RP 8.1. So depending on the audience it trial and error if the footnote really contains some text.
When publishing to word it works still fine.

Anyone else has these issues / workarounds?