Push / Pull Issue - can't figure what's wrong out


I’m building a navigation and struggling to understand what’s wrong with a project I’m working on.

If I expand the following elements in the prototype below in the following order:

  1. Expand “Claimants”
  2. Expand “Bills”
    …a huge space appears out of nowhere, breaking the prototype. If I try any other combination, I don’t seem to get this problem. No matter how I group these elements I keep getting the same result and it’s just incinerating time trying to understand why this is happening.

Does anyone know why this is occurring? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Prototype: https://rs9bkl.axshare.com/#id=fsq2t6&p=fusion_exploration_1

troubleshooting.rp (439.5 KB)


It would help if you could post your .rp source file so forum users can see exactly what’s going on with your code.

In the meantime, it looks to me like the gap–that huge space–is the same height as the contents of “Claimants”–everything from “My Claimants List” to “Strummer, Joe”. So, it might be that your “parent/child” relationships and/or the stack order is not set correctly, such that Axure thinks the “Recent Items” block is actually below the “My Claimants List” block and thus should be pushed down that far when “My Claimants List” is visible. …Just a guess.


I think it’s to do with the nested menus you have, however as mbc says, hard to tell without looking at the source file


Thanks - I added the source file - couldn’t figure out how to do that here initially.

As I have things grouped I’m a little confused how the hierarchy has to work - let me know if that file tells more of the story - greatly appreciated!

Edit - Still can’t find any solution at all to this :frowning: