Push & Pull - White spaces using dynamic panels

filters.rp (277.8 KB)

Hi all,

Struggling with push/pull functionality using dynamic panels, essentially want to create a simple filter where on selection the products below are filtered down… However on some filter selections (e.g. Student) there is tons of white space!

I’ve made all elements dynamic panels and removed groupings where I can but still no luck :frowning:

Any help on this would be much appreciated…I’ve attached the working file

Thank you,

Hi sandeepsb,

I took a look at your file and it looks like the white space was coming from the gaps between the dynamic panels; the widgets were being hidden with pull, but the white spaces in between them were being left behind. If you don’t need the panels to be “Fit to Content”, then expanding the bottom edges of the panels so that the each touch and fill in the white space should make it so that when a panel is hidden, the “white space” beneath it gets removed as well. I attached an edited version of your file to demonstrate. filters Edit.rp (279.3 KB)

Hopefully that helps!

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