Push/pull widget menu

Hi there,
I’m trying to build my first project (RP 8) in which I want to build a menu with sub-menus (axure file: Menu).

When I close the menu and a submenu (description) is opened. The submenu remains displayed. When I try to group all the elements “input 1, 2, 3, etc.” and the submenu elements “Description for each input” it doesn’t work either. How do I get all elements (menu + sub-menu) hidden at the same time when the menu is being minimize?
Video: Problem

I really appreciate your help, for this is driving me insane. Been using Axure for a couple of days, and in general really enjoy all the features it offers!

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One way is to add a case for onHide and there add an action to hide the other widget.
This way when on widget gets hidden the other automatically hides also.

But I think you might have troubles with the animation.

Otherwise Group your menu into dynamic panels with an open and closed state for the submenu.
OnHide of the main menu you can reset all states.