Push/pull widgets with nested panels

Hi all - when showing or hiding dynamic panels to reveal nested content, I use the workaround with push/pull to hide the parent dynamic panel, make changes to show or hide the child, and then show the dynamic panel to ensure all subsequent elements are pushed down the screen for push/pull interactions.

However its working very slowly in this screen when I show/hide the third level of nesting … any thoughts on why it’s so slow? is it the number of elements I have in the page? Have I prototyped this in an overly complicated way?

Any ideas on any other method I could use to solve my nested panel issue?

Any thoughts and suggestions gratefully received :slight_smile:

EDIT: I thought I could attach my example file to this, but can’t work out how to.

You can try uploading your file by using the icon that looks like a hotdog going to heaven: