Push widgets problem

Hi, can anyone please help me with this.

I’m trying to create a signin page. Upon clicking on “sign in” button, if the username and password is not correct it will show error message by pushing down the widgets below. However, i run into this problem that my password error message doesnt push the widgets down but the username error message is ok.

Pull widgets issue.rp (247.4 KB)


Introducing a ‘wait’ in between the display of the error messages seems to have some effect on this. However, this is not perfect as the error messages may not exactly appear at the same time but with less noticeable delay. Uploading the edited file:

Pull widgets issue_with wait.rp (248.3 KB)

Here is another weird fix which may better work for you. Simply make everything under the first animating error message into a dynamic panel and it works fine without compromising the synchronous appearance of error messages. Uploading the edited file:

Pull widgets issue_DP.rp (252.2 KB)

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@mbaluchamy Thank you so much for the weird fix :smiley: . I learned something from you.

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