Pushing and pulling widgets

Hi all

I’ve had this problem lots of times and never found a way round it so thought I’d bite the bullet today and do some research. I’ve found a couple of similar posts but they don’t really help.

In the image, you can see a check box. This, the label, the password box and the label for that are all in a dynamic panel. If the box is unchecked, dynamic panel goes to state 2 which doesn’t have the password. I’ve got it set to push/pull widgets but it just doesn’t do it. The horizontal rule is supposed to get pulled up. I’ve set the width of the dynamic panel so that it’s wider than the horizontal rule.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


Are the dynamic panels nested? Sometimes, nested DPs don’t push/pull. However… I’ve bypassed these issues with nested DPs and repeaters. By compiling each section into 1 DP with a separate state for each section then calling each section the repeater’s OnItemLoad, push/pull becomes instinctive to these elements.

repeaterDP.rp (74.2 KB)