Qt Widgets in Axure?

Hello, everyone! I am new to Axure and would like to use it for creating mockups and prototypes of desktop tools. Since I am used to the Qt UI Framework, it would help me a lot if those widgets were available in Axure, too. (Although in future I might end up using different frameworks as well and hence I do not always want to start designing in Qt from the very start.)

Does somebody know if there exists an Axure Library containing Qt widgets, or maybe at least very similar ones? Or are there any other creative/pragmatic approaches for getting Qt-like widgets into Axure? Your help is very much appreciated!

Hi tkay,

Thanks for posting! The default widget libraries that come with Axure RP do not include these widgets, and from a quick search on the Axure Forums it doesn’t look like anyone has shared an Axure RP widget library with QT widgets. However, it might help to use one of the widget libraries (some paid, some free) on this list:


You could also opt to create your own library of Axure RP widgets. If you create your own widget library, you can customize the styles of your widgets to fit your preferred style. Here is a link with information on how to do this:


If you choose to create your own widget library, this link with information on how to style widgets may also help:


I hope this helps!

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