Question on fixed-width for icon fonts in Axure

Hi there,

I need to vertically align a series of Font Awesome icons in a list of navigation menu. But due to varying icon widths (e.g. a tall but skinny icon atop a wide but short icon) it would throw off the vertical alignment of the menu labels on the right.

Font Awesome included a fixed-width support styling for just those cases by adding a class of “fa-fw” on the HTML element referencing the icon to set one or more icons to the same fixed width. Does anyone know if it is possible to apply this “fixed-width class” for icon fonts in Axure to see it in the published HTML?

Thanks in advance!

Hi nigithcm!

There isn’t a feature in Axure RP, similar to Font Awesome’s “fa-fw”, to set all FA icons in the project to a fixed width, but I’ve gone ahead and submitted this as a feature request for you on your behalf. In the meantime, the way to do this currently would be to either manually resize the icons in the design area of Axure RP, or to add an OnPageLoad to set the icons to the same width (but this would require using the icons from our default Icons widget library).

I realize these solutions aren’t ideal, but hopefully they help a bit!

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