Quick Carousel Help - 2 Visible at a time

Hi Axure Heroes!

Have a dynamic panel carousel where 2 items show at a time (one on left and one on right). When user clicks next arrow, one on the left slides off, one on the right slides to take left position, and new item comes in. Adversely when user clicks back button, the opposite should occur. Can you help?


For your forward arrow >> set as Next and for back arrow << set as Previous

Hi Ryan,

Would you be able to post a copy of the RP file you have so far? That’ll help us get a look at your current setup!

Sorry for the late response, I figured it out and simply added multiple states. State 1 has A & B, State 2 has B & C, State 3 has C & D, etc. Didn’t want to do that but that’s the approach I took, using forward and back arrows to set as Next state and Previous state.