Radio button cannot appear selected

Hi, check the prototype, the upload a file radio button would not appear selected for some reason.

Would love to know what I’ve done wrong!

Thank you!


hi Kevin
When you have radio buttons, you should group them as a radio-group (select all radio buttons and right click > Assign Radio Group and provide a name for this group.
You should repeat this process for each state of your dynamic panel.
Make sure that you also mark the desired radio button as “selected”

Check the attached file
radio selected now its working.rp (5.0 MB)

Hi fernando.maciel!

I didn’t realize in each state the radio groups have to be re-assigned…

Thanks for the help!



No problem! Glad i could help,

Keep in mind that each widget/element that you put inside each state of a dynamic panel is a different element, so you must mind that each additional state add up.
In your case, I would recommend that you try to do the same interaction but using hide/show interactions.

Best regards,


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