Radio button conflict

Hi there, i’m designing a form in Axure 9 Beta

When I connect a radio button to a page within my dynamic panel there seems to be a conflict.
Whilst it does take me to that page the radio button doesn’t change state to selected?

They work when not set to a page within the dynamic panel so thats why I have assumed there is a conflict.

Any ideas?

Hi Zoe1!

It sounds like you’re encountering an issue where a radio button is unable to change to its selected styling when the button is used to change a dynamic panel’s state. Is this correct?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue just yet. Could you tell more more about your project’s set up? Is the radio button placed within the dynamic panel that’s changing states? Is it placed within a separate dynamic panel? If possible, please post your RP file here so that I can take a closer look at the issue you’re encountering.

Could you please also let me know which operating system you are using?


Yes, that sounds spot on – so this is a thing?

The radio button is in a dynamic panel with a hot spot over it to take it to the next state.

Link to prototype here: the issue is on the second page

I’m using Mac High Sierra 10.13.6,

Thanks for your help,

Just a tip: Your link doesn’t work. It’s not possible to share a link to a preview of a prototype. Previews are only available locally on your computer. You have to publish the prototype first to and then share the link.

Thank you, have updated now! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

any idea what the problem might be?

Hi Zoe1,

Can you please give steps for navigating your prototype to get to the radio button that isn’t behaving as expected?

Troubleshooting might be quicker if we have your RP file rather than just the prototype link. If you’re able to, it would be great if you can share it here or by email to


I have the same issue, here is the file: radio_button_issue.rp (166.1 KB). The first radio button doesn’t work, but the second one does. I mean it changes its status to selected once the first radio button doesn’t.