Radio buttons ....ugh

Trying to apply a radio button for Can/US and each corresponding option shows a different state of the dynamic panel.
i want 1 option to show a canadian set of numbers and 1 option to show an american set of numbers.
trouble is the defaults, the resetting options back to both empty.

Have tried the set selected/unselected, while triggering an if true, set panel state…but that doesn’t seem to work.
Have tried with dynamic panels alone, again with limited success.


testing.rp (127.3 KB)

They’re resetting (in the first example) because you’ve got two instances of the radio button pair, one in each DP. It’s easier to take controls like that out of the DP, so you’re only dealing with one instance. See attached.

testing-amend.rp (124.8 KB)

thank you kindly Dave Goodman!