Raise event & case with master error


When I raise an event on a master and add several cases, Axure generate an error message. And when I reboot the software all interaction inside raised event are delete (even ones saved before error message)

Hi Ax-guy,

Hmm, I was unable to reproduce this. Could you post the .rp file where you received an error? And please let me know the specific master you were editing when running into this issue. Ty!

The original file has changed. So I’ve tried to reproduce error but it’s work fine now, maybe my file was corrupted or the new version has correct it :thinking:
If this error appear again I will share the file in this topic

Anyway, thanks for your help

Happen to me too,

to reproduce:

create a dummy master
in the master view, add an interaction that raise an event. (like OnClick > Raise Event)
Then in you’re page add two cases linked to you’re raised event.
Deselect and reselect the master, the raised event should be unnamed, and undeletable, leading to crash

I use it originally with an OnScroll event (in master) to raise an event that show / hide sticky top regarding ScrollY

Hope you can reproduce :slight_smile:

Hi Cartoon1,

Darn, I wasn’t able to reproduce the same crash from your repro steps either (thanks for those, btw!). To see if it’s specific to an interaction or a widget in your file, could you post your .rp file here for me to test? I’ll then try reproducing the same error by following your repro steps again. Please also let me know the build of the 9 beta you’re running (e.g. 3617), as well as the version of Mac or Windows. Ty!