Read Text of Button / Show Master with this name

Is there a way to “summon” a Master or show it from the text of a button?

I have 1 button. Through a few functions the text on the button can change. For example to “clock” or “calculator”. Is there a way to read the text on the button and show (unhide) the master with this name?

Not sure if I understood you well, but check the file to see if this is what you are looking for?

There are many ways you can do this but without understanding the context it is difficult to suggest a correct method.


button_text.rp (70.9 KB)

Hey praveen, thank you for the reply.
I am looking for something a little different.
Let’s take your example: You have a dropdown and select clock to be written on the button from there.
Now what I am looking for is:
If I select Clock, I want a master with the Name Clock to be loaded or unhidden and when I select Calculator I want a master with the Name Calculator to be loaded or unhidden.


And, if possible, I want this to happen by reading and not by an if-statement.
I want: Read Text on Button, find Master with Text Name, show if found. :grin:

What you’ve described isn’t possible; Axure doesn’t work that way.

Axure generates a completely independent website, with no connections back to the authoring tool. If the widget you want to manipulate isn’t part of the generated HTML, the prototype has no idea what could have been added. Both the “Clock” and the “Calculator” masters would have to be added to the page somehow before the HTML is generated.

As far as your “no if-statement”, Axure’s logic system doesn’t support anything like loops or switch statements. You’re pretty much stuck with if-then/if-then-else statements unless you want to inject your own javascript.

I am curious about what you’re wanting to accomplish with this approach. Both your masters appear to be identical as far as structure (icon + text) so @praveen.naga 's solution or something similar seems a lot simpler.

I noticed that. But I have just found out how the inline frame works and will use this now. I define a feature in a different page and load it into the frame. That works perfectly fine.
Thank you for the help guys.