Really weird focus bugs

Focus styles work really strangely inside grouped widgets. To set up a test:

  1. Make two boxes (a smaller inside a larger both with a colored border and transparent fill)
  2. Group the boxes
  3. Add OnClick: Rotate This by 5 degrees to the group
  4. On the smaller box, set the :focused style to a fill color

The expected behavior is that the click event for the group gives the group a focus target, which should show all the items inside the group with their focus styles if they have them (just like hovering on any part of the group will show the mouseover styles for all, assuming “Fire Mouse Style Events” is checked for the group).

Instead, ALL of the conditions below must be met, or the focus style will not be applied.

  1. The small square must be at the back of the group (z-order)
  2. The small square must have an OnClick event
  3. The OnClick event can’t be empty and must have some action in it or an empty case

A second bug is that the focus indication we set up above will disappear on click of the group. Expected behavior is that the group should stay focused on click.

Instead, the group additionally needs a Focus on This action added to it’s click event.