Recording prototype - mouse


How could I replace the circle for a mouse? I want to record the prototype for a video and I want to see the mouse, any tips?



In the STYLE pane, with no widgets selected, you should see the PAGE DIMENSIONS section at the top. When you specify a height dimension (“H” field) then Axure uses the “mobile prototype viewer” with the “circle blob” cursor. Clear the value in the “H” field and you’ll get a “traditional prototype viewer” with standard mouse cursor.

If you want to maintain the look and feel of a set screen area with defined height, you can select everything on your page(s) and create a dynamic panel. Set the dimensions for this dynamic panel to match what you had in the Page Dimensions. You can style the dynamic panel with borders, fills, radius, shadow, etc. as well as scrolling options.

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Thank you so much for your help haha! This is so basic :wink: