Recoverd Aoutosave, All pages still checked out

Hello there I just recoverd from an autosave and now I am having trouble getting the share Funktion working properly again. Specifically the pages were never checked in again, and now axure keeps telling me that everything is still checked out. How do I replace the newest version in share with my recoverd version?

Hi Noah!

It sounds like the pages are still checked out by your previous local copy. To resolve the issue, you can “steal” the check-out from the previous local copy with new new local copy of the team project:

Thank you for your reply.
That solves one part of the problem :slight_smile: Thank you, but how can I keep the changes from the auto save? I would like to be able to use the auto saver version as my latest team version.

I did what you said and then just imported and replaced everything from the auto save.

Thank you this has solved my problem.