Red Screen! Why is everything red

Can someone tell me what on god’s earth is going on??

How do I fix this???

Check you page setup if the background colour is set to red

For those of you following along at home, gianfranco1990 sent in his file to the support desk. We were able to send over a few troubleshooting steps, however we haven’t yet been able to determine what might have been causing this issue on the user’s end.

If you happen to run into a similar problem, you can send an email to with your prototype file attached along with any additional information you’re able to provide (such as what OS your computer is running and which build of Axure RP you’re currently using) . We’ll be able to take a closer look and further assist you there!

You can also try checking to see if you’re able to recover an unaffected backup copy of your file. Axure RP automatically saves a backup copy of your working file every 15 minutes, which you’ll be able to access by going to “File > Recover File from Backup” in the menu.

Thank you Simon.

I reset Axure and everything went back to normal. Thankfully my file was automatically saved. It was strange nonetheless and still don’t know what may have caused that…

Thanks for the help!