Redirecting user to a specific panel state of a different page


I have a project wherein I have an edit and a view mode for a feature. I have created two separate pages for that.
In edit mode there are 3 tabs with certain settings for each and ‘Save’/’Cancel’ buttons respectively.
Now in the view mode too I have the 3 tabs with the settings and labels saved from the edit mode.
So I have maintained a dynamic panel for the settings section and I am showing the respective states for click of each of the tabs.
Now the issue I am facing is that when I go to edit mode and save any setting for a specific tab, I should be able to redirect to view mode of that specific tab only.
For instance in my file you will view that workspace is a tab on view and edit. Now if I go to edit page and click Save how to do redirect to the view mode of only workspace tab?
Right now it redirects me to the view mode of the first tab only. This is a bit urgent so would appreciate a quick reply.
Please find attached my RP file for reference.
watermarking design.rp (1.0 MB)

Just set up a Global Variable that is set on panel state change. Then on page load have the other dynamic panel load based on that global variable integer.


Not sure how to implement your approach. Can you please explain detail how to go about this.

Maybe something like this?

GoodLord.rp (115.8 KB)

On Next Page, it sets the Global Variable to whatever’s in the textbox. Then on page load the Dynamic Panel references that Global Variable and sets the state to whatever the user says.