Reference page in repeater columns not rendering

I am creating a carousel from a repeater and there’s heading, icons & some content, along-with a card which has 5 snapshots and back and forth arrows to navigate (carousel inside a carousel).

Now since we cannot have a repeater inside another one - I created separated pages for each slideshow and hoped to inject them using frame element. I used a column on the main repeater to include reference pages from the same file and then got struck in the interaction bit since I found no way to call an internal page. If I do, will have to use the external link [[Item.url]] which will add an http:// at the beginning. Need help in solving this issue without the need to host the pages separately please.


Are you okay with using the name of the page instead of a page reference? If so, the following will place pages within your Axure file in into each row’s iframe. Use the following expression to set the target of the iframe, using the external URL field. It assumes the literal names of the pages are in the “pageName” column.

[[ '../'.concat(Item.pageName).concat('.html') ]]

When you name the pages that you plan to put in the iframe, make sure the names don’t contain characters that aren’t allowed in URL (e.g., no spaces). Also, make sure your OS setting for “smart quotes” is off: your single quotes should be straight up-and-down, not slanted.

I tested it and it works both in preview mode as well as on Axshare.

Thanks Joseph, I used the regular [[Item.url]] with ./pageNames.html in the repeater data cell and published so it works in the local too. But this is a good case where repeaters are required inside repeaters. Thanks again.