Reference page?

When adding for example a rectangle widget there is a feature called “reference page” that lets you select another page and then the name of that page is written on the widget, but it is not linked to the page.
What is the intended use of the reference page feature? Is it just to give it the name of another page?
I think you should make it clear in the program, right now it is kind of a weird thing.
I could not find any explanation online, only that it is something for flowcharts?


It’s useful if you want each row in the repeater to have a navigation link to a different page. This post explains it pretty well.

It should be linked to the page. You should be able to click on it when you generate the prototype. See this documentation.

Hi everyone! Although this thread hasn’t been active for a while, it’s still receiving traffic from searches relating to reference pages, so we thought it’d be a good idea to revisit this topic and add some clarity.

Reference pages allow you to reference and link to other pages within your project on certain types of widgets, such as shape widgets, snapshot widgets, and repeaters.

For shape widgets that have reference pages, the text on the widget will be the page’s name, and clicking the widget in the HTML output links to the referenced page. You can assign a reference page to a shape widget in the Interactions pane, by clicking the Show All option next to Shape Properties, and then selecting Reference Page.

Snapshot widgets with reference pages function similarly to shape widgets. However, instead of displaying the referenced page’s name as text on the widget, a thumbnail image of the referenced page will be displayed. To assign a reference page to a snapshot widget, you can either double-click the widget after adding it to the canvas, or you can select Add Reference Page in the Style pane.

With repeaters, dataset cells can also store reference pages (both a link to the referenced page, as well as the page’s name), which you can add by right-clicking a cell in the dataset and selecting Reference Page. From there, you can create Open Link interactions on widget events in the repeater’s item. Since repeaters are a more complex widget, the Links and URLs in Axure RP Repeaters tutorial video will be helpful to view, as it demonstrates the process of using reference pages in repeaters.

Hopefully this helps!