Reload Repeater


I’m using a repeater to model a search function. Depending on what text is in a field, when I click a search button I want to get a list of items that contain that text. So if I change the text and click the search button again I want the results to be updated. Is there a way i can reload the widget or something similar?


  • I have attached an example. I want when I type Inna and then click Search, to get the result Inna and Female in the repeater. Can someone help?
    search.rp (59.4 KB)

Hi all,

We wanted to share a few pointers here in case anyone had similar questions about Repeaters.

Firstly, a key takeaway about this is that certain repeater actions will reload the repeater itself; in turn, this means that the repeater’s OnItemLoad event will be triggered and fire its actions as well. Though this functionality can be used strategically for your projects, it’s also something to watch out for as your prototype gets more and more complex.

At the moment, some of the common repeater actions that can reload the repeater are Update Rows, Add/Remove Filter, Add/Delete Row, and Add/Remove Sort. The Repeater Actions “Mark Rows” and “Unmark Rows” will not trigger a reload.

There are multiple ways to simulate search functionality with repeaters, and the best method really varies on a case by case basis, depending on your project. Building a high-fidelity, fully functioning version of this does require a solid understanding of repeaters, functions, and actions. And I’ve linked to some of those examples, below–here’s a good place to start:

Want to filter using “begins with”?


Hello. Do i understand correctly from your comment that deleting item from repeater will lead to reload all other items of that repeater?

Hi mrriichi!

That’s correct, deleting an item from a repeater will reload the repeater. :slight_smile: