Reloading a different page

I have an on-page menu with links to pages A, B, C & D . A, B & C are “normal”, open in same window pages. D opens in a pop up window. You can launch D from the menu on any other page - A, B, or C. On page D I do stuff and have a button to set a variable which is used to control the state of a dynamic panel on page A and to close the window (D).

If I’ve launched D from B or C, the next time I go to A, the OnPageLoad command will set the dynamic panel on A to the new correct state.

If I’ve launched D from A, however, I need a way to not only close the window (D) but to dynamically reload page A so that OnPageLoad will read the variable and set the dynamic panel correctly.

Possible, or not? Something tells me this is somehow achievable via Raise/Fire Event, but I’m not that au fait with that functionality. Any help appreciated!

Thank you